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About Us

Fat Bard is a St. Louis, Missouri-based audio duo, producing highly stylized music and sound design.  Sharing a focused vision for powerful and effective sound, we work intimately with each project to establish personal charm and character. Formed in 2012, we've taken part in projects of all sizes and styles, covering an extensive musical landscape and delivering immersive and thoughtful audio.


Partnered With

Patrick Crecelius (right)

A long time video gamer and musician, Patrick graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in Audio Engineering and Production.  With a deep knowledge in music theory and production styles he can compose for most any project, and his audio background serves him equally in sound design. Patrick also owns a local studio which provides audio recording and music instruction services to the St. Louis area.

Zach Fendelman (left)

Zach channels  his seasoned love of games through a passionate drive for songwriting. With a voracious musical appetite, a strong imagination for sound design, and an eagerness to experiment, he takes great care in crafting high quality work. Wielding a punk ethos and a music composition degree, Zach's open-mindedness and vast stylistic influences allow him to create a unique experience for each individual project.

Disney - LucasArts - Marvel - Warner Bros - Nickelodeon - DC Comics - Osmo - Discovey Channel - UPS - Tonka - Intuit - John Deere - Pixel Press - Super Evil Megacorp - Voodoo

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