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Music Composition

With every media production, music is an essential element in the development process​. A piece that heightens moments, that adapts to the mood, that constructs an overall aesthetic alongside the visuals, helps create meaningful experiences. Our vision and resourcefulness promote strong collaboration with every project, making for experiences which are as fitting as they are memorable.


Along-side traditionally trained backgrounds, we bring an extensive knowledge of modern styles to the table and are eager to explore and experiment. We see every project as a new opportunity to create something individualistic, and enjoy working with niche genres as much as popular ones.


We collaborate closely and efficiently throughout development not only to create exciting music, but to lend a helping hand in the presentation and implementation that will see our projects thrive upon completion.

Sound Design

Game audio is a craft, and putting care and effort into its design brings a project to life. There's a cohesive immersion for the listener, a satisfying experience that both informs and directs them. Whether you're going for something highly realistic, more impressionistic, or  experimental, we deliver purposeful and high quality work. ​


The art of sound design is a detailed process that begs many questions: What kind of stylistic choices does your project call for? What role will sound play in your project, and how will it inform the listener? When should sound occur and when should it purposely not occur? In a game context how will sound be implemented, in-engine or by way of middleware such as FMOD/Wwise? Should you need voice-over, will you need assistance finding and directing talent as well as editing/processing the performances? We can help consult on all this as a project develops, and create a plan that fits your particular needs.

Promotional Audio

Professional marketing and polish on presentation go a long way in terms of reaching your audience, and the Bards can help you there. We create custom-fit music and sound design that heightens trailers and continuously engages the viewer, completed within the tight time frames that trailers tend to have. Even a simple final mix pass by us could make a large difference in the overall impression and feel. From serious to comedic to experimental, we can bring your project to life. 


Quality voiceover audio can bring a character or an entire world to life. With our editing and processing skills we deliver consistent sounding dialogue regardless of the artist, and organize everything for final delivery. We have a network of VO artists from around the world and can consult with you to find the right person for the right part. As a liaison between you and the artist we can streamline the communication process whether that be through guiding a live recording session or a digital conversation.

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