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Mable and the Wood {In Development}


Official Website

Itch Demo


Mable & The Wood is a 2D action/exploration game set in a land where the overuse of magic is draining the world of its colour.


You play the part of a shape-shifting girl who can take the form of the beasts that she slays, but whose power is slowly destroying the world she is trying to save.


Transforming uses up magic, which can only be restored by slaying the creatures of the wood. Is it any wonder they've turned on you?

There are many interesting ideas present here. Mable can shapeshift into the forms of the creatures she’s previously killed, which is neat, but also apparently very dangerous. It seems that Mable’s powers are what is destroying the world she’s trying to save, and the more of the game you play – levels chosen in you order you wish from an overhead map – the worse the situation gets and the harder it is.

- John Walker (Rock Paper Shotgun, 2016)

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