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Music Examples

Vtubers need custom music to help give them identity, whether that be a standout intro song, a music bed during special moments, or an outro song to wind down the stream. Here are a number of short examples we’ve curated that we think are relevant. We have 5 different styles showcased: vocal, anime, rock, electronic, and groove, to demonstrate how versatile we can be.

We can write lyrics in English or Japanese, and bring singers in should you want some vocal songs. We also have connections to a wide pool of singers that can locally or remotely collaborate with us. We can also work with the Vtuber and act as a producer should they wish to write lyrics or sing.

Sound Examples

Sound design can help continue pushing the identity and branding by having custom audio for key moments during a stream, such as emote/reactions or donation/follower updates. We can consult on this concept, creating a stylized SFX package that fits your particular needs.

We can also assist you in creating audio for short linear promotional videos. Having proper sound design that syncs up with the visuals greatly enhances the experience, and draws fans closer. With voiceover editing, sound design, and music we can offer you a complete suite to bring your videos to the next level.

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