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Totem {PC}


Adventure throughout the world as Mara, a young girl who was born with the Gift of Change, a strange ability that only appears in her peoples bloodline when the natural world is in grave danger. Explore a beautifully handcrafted pixel art world, encounter dozens of unique enemies and characters, and collect the forms of The Beasts of Legend so that you may take their shapes into battle against The Blacksmith before he and his army take control of the worlds natural forces.



A story driven, single player, action adventure RPG with puzzle solving elements.


Shape shift on the fly into the forms of legendary beasts found throughout the game's world.


Adventure through beautiful hand placed pixel art environments, meet a cast of memorable characters, and take down a diverse lineup of ferocious enemies.


Explore intricately designed dungeons and confront the monstrous bosses that dwell within them.

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