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Sleepy Kraken {iOS/Android}


You play as the titular Sleepy Kraken as he tries to get some sleep, but unfortunately for him, his napping spot is a prime spot for pirate activities. Slap those pirates with your tentacles before they ring their bells. Beware the explosive ships! Smacking those will cause an explosion, robbing the kraken of precious Z’s. Passing sheep float along in barrels. Thwack these even-toed ungulate to keep that kraken sleeping. Once the Z’s above your head are depleted, the game is over, and your score will be counted.

“We definitely pulled influences from the old school arcade style games like Tetris or Space Invaders. Sleepy Kraken focuses on smashing things for the fun of it and racking up a high score along the way. Pretty simple mechanics that anyone can get into pretty easily and it really lends itself to a mobile platform where kids or grown ups can just tap away.”  - Gene Kelly (Developer)

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