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Discovery Channel Shark Week: Shark Strike {iOS/Android}


Take a bite out of summer with the first official Discovery Shark Week app! In this side-scrolling adventure game, you are no ordinary shark. When a group of big bad “Boss” Orcas come around and snatch up your shark pups, you set off on an epic quest to get your babies back! You start off as a Reef Shark, but as you build up the skills, experience and shark points necessary, you can climb up the predator food chain into a Blue Shark, Bull Shark, Thresher Shark or even a Great White! Each type of shark comes with special abilities and attributes—from chomp to speed to stamina. It is your goal to maximize each shark in order to reach your full potential and save your pups. Even the humble Reef Shark has what it takes! 

App features include:

Pinpoint controls let you glide out of danger, attack prey and stay on the path to rescuing your pups!

Realistic and compelling sound effects

A wide range of realistic prey—from Angel Fish to Rays, Atlantic Mackerel to Seals, Eels to Catsharks!

Lots of danger to keep you on your fins, including urchin, jellyfish and orcas!

Sharkopedia facts keep your stomach full of fascinating shark facts

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