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Scuffle Buddies {In Development}

Pre-Alpha Demo

Is Scuffle Buddies a sports game of sorts where you win by tossing pieces of ham on blue pads? There is some kind of a ball shape over the i in the title, so maybe? At the same time, though, that wouldn't explain those green blinking eyes in the bushes behind the floating ham, unless you have to feed them ham so as to not get attacked or something. Or maybe you use ham to turn those monsters into your buddies? So many possibilities.

Any ideas what this trailer is all about and what kind of game Scuffle Buddies is going to be? BS pointed out that they'll be holding their cards close to the chest because their development style is iterative, so they don't want to show the game off too early. Expect to get a couple more cinemagraphs before we see any actual gameplay.

- Tasos Lazarides (Touch Arcade, 2017)

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