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remnant. {PC}

We had the opportunity to work with a talented group of folks on the Ludum Dare 44th game jam. The theme was "Your Life Is Currency", which the team translated into an atmospheric rpg in which you complete quests as a trade to recover your own memories. We composed an ethereal, ambient soundtrack to accompany the mysterious world.


You awaken in a swamp with no recollection of what led you there. Regain your memories by helping those around you to discover your past.

Embark on an adventure and experience cinematic cutscenes! Play as Tupi the Capybara as you explore your surroundings by rolling and whipping anything that gets in your way in this top down, action adventure game.


  • Screamrawr: Art

  • DankOvens: Code/Design

  • MaggardJosh: Code/Design

  • Zachbard/FatBard: Audio

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