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Rashlander {Arcade/PC}

Steam 2018

Ryan Davis contacted us after another successful Ludum Dare jam, this time with a tough but rewarding arcade game. We dug in and married the audio to the "retro with modern production" presentation of the visuals. The game was designed to be a true arcade game, and with the help of Griffin Aerotech that dream has come true, and you can find Rashlander at select arcades across the world.

Rashlander is an unyielding arcade game about scraping past gravity-heavy asteroids and distorted space-time in a fragile, unfueled lander, while trying to avoid incinerating your crew.

Do you own an arcade? Rashlander is made from the ground up for physical arcade locations, and is scheduled to come screaming into arcades around the globe late 2017.


Follow development on Twitter and get in contact to order your cabinet today.

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