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Mutt Runners {iOS}


In Mutt Runners, players race dogs in either a campaign single-player mode or against friends and players around the globe in real time. The racing mechanic has a Mario Kart element with mystery boxes and power-ups, while making use of swiping gestures to navigate each race track.

As you journey through the world map, you’ll unlock new breeds and terrains that are home to moving obstacles such as crabs, penguins and frogs. As you progress, your Mutts will evolve and new features such as breeding will be unlocked.


Live multiplayer: Race friends and players across the globe in real time.


Epic racing action: Change lanes to avoid crabs, frogs, penguins and more.


Collect mystery boxes, grab power-ups and knock down your opponents.

Watch your Mutts evolve as they grow in power.


Explore the world map in a racing campaign with different terrains, race tracks, trainers and bosses.


Breed your Mutts to discover exotic cross breeds.


Collect materials, craft collars and equip them on your Mutts.


Run your base of operations from your own Mutt Ranch


Collect hundreds of Mutts, with all of your favorite breeds.

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