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Max Gentleman Sexy Business {PC}



We were contacted by Ryan of The Men Who Wear Many Hats a while back and started discussion on doing audio for a peculiar game: a tycoon game set in the Victorian era, with dating as well as some naughty stuff. Ryan, the creator of the indie darling Organ Trail, is an interesting and funny guy, who both knows what he wants but is also very trusting of our abilities. This created a fun collaboration, and we're excited to see the project through.

Max Gentlemen is a Victorian Tycoon Dating Sim. Forge sexy partnerships in the sheets while crushing rival companies in the streets to become England’s greatest business tycoon!


  • 12 magnificent gentlemen and ladies to date

  • Create your own Gentleman or Lady with hundreds of customization options

  • Date anyone! You are so rich, who cares who you date?!

  • 70+ fun and sexy outfits to unlock

  • Collect “tasteful” art for your private gallery

  • Monopolize 12 burgeoning industries

  • Travel the world and collect powerful loot

  • Level up and personalize your executives to crush the competition

  • Take revenge for your family name by getting really really rich

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