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Levelhead {Steam Early Access}




After the success of Crashlands Butterscotch Shenanigans went through a number of changes and tried out a few new game ideas; the one that stuck was Levelhead. Seth Coster has always been extremely talented at creating gameplay systems and Levelhead is going to be chock full of them. The game has pushed the Coster brothers and us to new frontiers, and we have all grown quite a bit through it. We've created an electronic soundtrack that has forced us to up our game in that direction, and we're very proud of the results.

Welcome to the Levelhead division! 

Platforming with sass 
Levelhead's platforming is butterysmooth and utterly ridiculous. Power-up your GR-18 and turn the nature of the game upside-down, opening up alternative play and design styles like Starbucks opens up new stores.

Are you the sort to build tough-as-nails, twitch-based levels? Prefer the more joyful expression of a miniature metroidvania? Or maybe you're the puzzling sort, prepared with a bag of tricks and ahamoments? 

WELL WE'VE GOT IT ALL COVERED. We've got cannons. We've got chains of fire. And we've got doors that won't open until you destroy *all of the enemies*. Did we mention there are switches, levers, and moving platforms? Breakable blocks, giant gems, and blaster barrels? 

You can do all that and a WHOLE LOT MORE with this editor. And it's sleek as a sea otter. Plus, it does this thing called SCALE-POPPING that makes your levels look awesome. 

Ship your levels, build a following 
Building levels is good, but having other people play your levels is better! So we took inspiration from modern social platforms and built the LEVELHUB. Here you can follow other Levelheads, monitor your stats, compete with others for top speed runs or top scores, and share and curate a collection of favorites. And you can keep an eye on that piece of work Th4n0s4ev3r that keeps defeating your high-scores! 

You can download and store ~2,000 levels in the space of a single .mp3 song. HOW? We used our devmancy and compressed the universe. And yes, you can play stuff offline. WHY WOULDN'T YOU BE ABLE TO? IT'S FREAKIN' 2018! 

Here's the deal 
For those not familiar with our studio, we're a 4-person shop. This game is 4 months into development, and we're aiming to get it out *later this year*. Knowing that people actually give a CRYAP about this game means that we can plow more resources into dev. SO... if you're interested and excited wishlist us! 

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