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Jet Lancer {In Development}




Jet Lancer (formerly Sky Chasers Reborn) was a game we found on the TIG devlog forums, and right away we were blown away with aggressive visuals. To compliment them we decided to create a broad rock soundscape blended with a few chiptune elements. The music has 4 layers that blend in and out to adapt to circumstances in the game. Our hope is that the OST will stand on it's own as a rock album outside of the game context. The sound design is overall quite arcade-esque, creating an intense dogfighting experience.

Jet Lancer is a frenetic aerial dog-fighting game where you hunt enemy pilots, carve up giant robots, and defy death at supersonic speeds as a daring mercenary in the far future.

Equip your jet with a variety of armaments and upgrades as you hunt the deadliest prey the world has ever seen: giant killer robots. Do you prefer the reliability of the missile swarm? The intimidation factor of the Megalaser? Or maybe you're comfortable showing off with nothing more than your mini-gun, your afterburners, and a single point of health. The choice is yours— if you're daring enough to take it. 

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