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@Home PS4 Theme

Sony Playstation Store

Truant Pixel not only makes their own games, they've been making PlayStation themes for a long time. After contacting us regrading adaptive music on their own project Akash they brought up the idea of having us create music for some of their PS4 themes. @Home is the first of these, and we can't wait to see what other themes we get the opportunity to be part of.

We are proud to present this dynamic theme, which features a high resolution, multi-layered planet Earth framed by dynamic camera angles, dazzling lighting effects, and time-of-day changes governed by the PS4™ system internal clock. Cloud layers flow seamlessly as the blue planet rotates, with the highest quality topography possible in a dynamic theme.


Featuring a seamless piece of contemporary music created by Fat Bard, inspired by and created for the visuals produced by this theme. System icons and keytones have purposefully been left unchanged, to allow this theme to remain consistent in future dynamic menu updates.


Feel free to follow us on Twitter @truantpixel, for more examples of our work and works-in-progress.

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