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Forgotten King {iOS}


Once upon a time there lived a King who ruled fair and just, his Kingdom was like Heaven in every soul's eyes. But sadly, dark days were coming. The dark forces we're steadily finding their place neath the kingdom's Heavenly crowd. The four dark lords conjured a wicked spell that would forever remove the King from his throne and trap him in a cage for eons to come. In the blink of an eye the spell was cast and the king stripped of all his power, of his crown and his throne, cast away in the eternal prison! 

Find your way through all the Deadly trials, Patrolling guards, Puzzles and Mysteries and beat the dark lords, only then you will find your Crown and free your soul from their gasp!

A neat mechanic that is simple but pushes you to think about every single move you make! Use timing, precision and brains to control your limited movement.
Are you worthy enough to navigate through the hordes of evil minions?

Everything is drawn unique from scratch, a beautiful piece of art 
that took hours upon hours to come alive, every single art 
in the game is entirely unique and thoroughly thought-out!

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