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Deus Mini {Coming Soon To Google Play, Cardboard, Daydream}

Official Website

DEUS MINI is a mobile hybrid of VR and non-VR gameplay where you assume the role of an ancient deity in charge of a budding civilization.


Imagine you are a Sentinel, a divine being that has been tasked with watching over a small but tenacious flame of humanity as it makes its journey through a new and unknown world. They don't know what exactly you are but they can sense you out there, subtly guiding them on the path you choose.

Traveling far from their homeland, your followers have migrated deep into the unkown land that they must find their place in with your help.

Your people are counting on you! They need your divine knowledge to help them manages various resources essential to their survival and success in this beautiful, vast, but unforgiving world.

In DEUS MINI you a new deity to your people. What do your people call you? What do you call your people? How do your people percive your appearance? All these things can be answered as you spend time with your civilization and craft your mythology in the game. 

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