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Cards and Castles {PC/iOS/Android}



We met Matt Seigel, lead dev of Cards and Castles, at a local gamedev drinkup, and hit it off pretty well. Over the course of a few years we gave the game a fresh coat of audio paint, both with the card sound design and with the orchestral music score. We even got to create sounds for a Fat Bard unit! While Matt has moved onto some bigger projects he still updates Cards and Castles regularly with expansions.

Collectible cards come to life in CARDS AND CASTLES! Collect cards, build decks, and compete against other players in strategic tactical battles. Your cards turn into expressive animated characters when you play them on the game board. Position your pieces carefully and strike when the time is right!

Get free cards every day just for logging in!


Rank up and earn special rewards by competing against other players. The innovative SUDDEN DEATH mechanic ensures your matches never drag out!


Combine up to two factions for unique deck combos. Play as Vikings, Crusaders, Pirates, Warlocks and Ninjas!


Collect newly released cards every month!


Compete in weekend Draft Tournaments for great prizes!


Play on Steam, Mobile or Tablet all with the same account. Cards and Castles is a fully cross platform game!

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