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Battlecakes {In Development}

Itch Demo

Official Website

Battlecakes is a snack-sized RPG made especially for turn-based adventure fans of all ages. Players who are hungry for a casual, yet satisfying fantasy game experience will find a perfect blend of action, humor and magic that pays tribute to classic RPG titles such as Final Fantasy, Grandia and Pokémon.


Battlecakes follows a protagonist created and named by the player, sole heir to the legacy of King Birthdaycake, chosen to save the mythical kingdom of Pasteria from certain doom at the hands of Lord Fondant, an evil shape-shifting wizard. As the story progresses, the player joins forces with Red Velvet and Midnight Truffle, royal advisors to the king himself. The group embarks on a grand quest to find the king, and restore peace once and for all.

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