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Battery Jam {PC}


Battery Jam was a game that really stood out to us on TIG forums with its unique character design and professional polish. After reaching out to Halseo, we immediately hit it off when they told us they wanted a Ska-Punk soundtrack. Brandon, Everett, and Abe have an incredible enthusiasm, which translates perfectly into the hyper party game that is Battery Jam. On top of Ska, we also incorporated funk, break-beat, and some electronic bangers into the soundtrack which are topped off with killer saxophone playing by Anton Corazza and InsaneInTheRainMusic!

Battery Jam is a local multiplayer game of competitive territorial mayhem! Use the boombox and our patented rocket punch to smash your opponents, capture their tiles, and dominate the arena! Choose one of four Jammers and compete to have the most tiles at the end of every match! Take on your friends in free-for-all or team mode across four stages on two levels, with more on the way! 

Unique Competitive Gameplay!


Smash your opponents with the Boombox!


Capture their tiles by taking them out!


Dominate the arena by maintaining control of the most tiles!


Raise and lower tiles for constantly changing arenas!


Easy controls to pick up! Challenging game to put down!

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