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Atlas: Groundbreaking Adventures


The game revolves around the character of Atlas, a blue creature that some day woke up on a beach, demonstrating strange earth bending abilities and then goes on a quest to understand who he is and what happened to his kind by trying to reach the top of a mountain.

Every time Atlas tries to climb the mountain, he starts from the very bottomand each of the areas he goes through are procedurally generated.
During a run, the player can buy various weapons using the money gained by killing monsters or found in the environment to facilitate his progression to the top of the mountain.

Atlas can build bridges and stairs in order to explore the procedurally generated environments, but also create walls to protect himself from his enemies.

The combat system is relatively simple, you kill enemies by pushing them out of the map (à la Smash Bros.) or by bringing their health down to zero.
The weapons you use to fight the monsters also do make the ground move, every weapon has its own pattern and power, some weapons are better suited to damage the enemies while some are better at pushing them so you can really choose your favorite play style.

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